How Much Emotional Freedom

Do You Enjoy?

Even though there are many different kinds of Freedom as expressed on the More Peace, Joy & Freedom? page, the kind of Freedom I'm mainly interested in here is one's Emotional Freedom, even though the most popular Freedom to pursue is most likely Financial Freedom. But, as you will see, having a strong sense of Emotional Freedom is highly correlated with one's Financial Freedom.

To me, Emotional Freedom is being uncumbered by negative emotions...not shackled or imprisoned by negative thoughts or self-limiting beliefs deterring us from developing our full potentials...allowing us to be fully in our Power.


It is my belief that Financial Freedom may well be a natural end result if one becomes confident, relaxed, and acting from his/her own Power. To feel more FREE emotionally would appear to be very helpful when asserting ourselves in the world for financial freedom. 

But for now, I would like to place the emphasis on your Emotional Freedom.

How Emotionally Free Do You Think You Are?

Take The Emotional Freedom Test – 20 Questions for Reflection

This test will help you assess your level of Emotional Freedom at this time. Choose the option that most corresponds to how seldom or often you experience these reactions. It might be beneficial to print out a copy of this test so that you would be better able to circle your options and add them up for your score.


     0 = Not True  


     1 = Sometimes True

     2 = Mostly True

1. If I’m angry with someone, I’ll breathe and center myself before I react.                              0     1     2

2. When I’m filled with self-doubt or fear I treat myself lovingly.                                             0     1     2

3. When stuck in traffic or if something doesn’t happen on my timetable, I have patience.       0     1     2

4. After a hard day, I focus on what I’m grateful for rather than beating myself up for what

   has gone wrong.                                                                                                                        0     1     2

5. I rarely get snippy or cop an attitude if people frustrate me.                                                   0     1     2

6. I feel connected to a sense of spirituality, however I define it.                                                0     1     2

7. I check in with my intuition--my gut feelings--when making choices.                                    0     1     2

8. If I’m blamed for something, I rarely lash out and say things I regret.                                    0     1     2

9. I fall asleep quickly and don’t worry about tomorrow’s “to-do” list.                                       0     1     2


10. If my heart gets broken I don’t give up on love.                                                                     0     1     2

11. I’m a positive person, and don’t make small problems into big ones.                                    0     1     2

12. I don’t seek revenge if someone treats me poorly.                                                                  0     1     2

13. I’m not jealous of other people’s success if it surpasses mine.                                               0     1     2

14. I quickly let go of negative emotions and don’t brood on them                                              0     1     2

15. I’m not easily crushed by disappointments.                                                                            0     1     2

16. I don’t compare myself to others.                                                                                           0     1     2

17. I have empathy for others but I don’t become their therapist or get drained by their

      emotional pain.                                                                                                                        0     1     2

18. I live in the Now, rather than dwelling on the past or future                                                   0     1     2

19. I feel happy with my life, not that it’s just passing me by.                                                      0     1     2

20. I am good at setting limits with people who drain my energy.                                                0     1     2

How To Interpret This Test 

To calculate your emotional freedom score, total the numbers corresponding to your responses.

  • A score of 30-40 suggests that you’re experiencing a considerable level of emotional freedom.

  • A score of 15-29 suggests a moderate level.

  • A score of 14 or below suggests a beginning level.

  • A zero score (and it takes courage to admit that) indicates you haven’t found emotional freedom yet, but the good news is that you can start discovering it now!

Whatever your score, be compassionate when you identify areas you’d like to improve. Realize that we all have a ways to go. Emotional freedom isn’t some place you arrive at and just stay there. It’s an ongoing blossoming.

This quiz is excerpted from Chapter 1 of Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff MD

So, how did you do? Remember that your results here are not another reason for beating yourself up. You need to have some compassion for yourself if you didn't score the way you would have wanted. Actually, if you didn't score as high on this quiz as you would have liked, you can do something about it to improve.

Remember, this is not a pass or fail kind of quiz. It's just something to be able to see where you are and where you want to go.

Where do you want to go from here? Do you want more Emotional Freedom?

As you may have guessed by now, if you've already read previous webpages, the way to get more Emotional Freedom, or Financial Freedom, is too think of the mental blocks that are interferring with you getting what you want in these areas. It's going to be some kind of negative thinking that is blocking your path to more Emotional and Financial Freedom.

In order to get more Emotional or Financial Freedom in your life you have to RELEASE those negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are holding you back and limiting you as to how much you can have.

To Have More Emotional or Financial Freedom,

You Have to RELEASE

the Negative Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings 

that are Blocking These Freedoms.

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