How Peaceful Are You?

This quiz focuses on personal or inner peace. It is not intended to make you feel better or worse about yourself or others. No one is perfect, and we all have room to grow. Nor is the quiz scientific, comprehensive, or set in stone.


Rather, it is simply designed to help you reflect and gain a general sense of your current level of inner peace, and help you discover new ways to develop more harmony and fulfillment in your life.

So, take your time and honestly choose the answers that most closely describe you. Afterward, you will find an overview of 5 keys to inner peace.


1. Most of the time, my mind is


a. Racing, jumping from one thing to another
b. Active, but at a pace that is comfortable for me
c. Calm and serene


2. If I have nothing going on or no one to talk to, I feel


a. Restless or bored, I have to find something to fill the gap
b. Neutral, I don’t seek out or avoid something to do
c. Relaxed, I’ll enjoy the moment of peace


3. When someone cuts me off in traffic, I usually

a. Get ticked off, yell or say obscenities
b. Feel a little annoyed, might sigh
c. Don’t really mind, just keep moving forward


4. While waiting in a long line in a bank or store, I feel


a. Aggravated and tense, and I tap my foot impatiently
b. Inconvenienced but tolerate it, arms folded
c. Calm, “going with the flow,” body relatively relaxed


5. If something embarrassing happens to me or I do poorly, I 


a. Feel very upset and replay the incident in my mind for days
b. Feel upset for a few hours and then let it go
c. Laugh it off or remind myself that no one is perfect, and move on quickly


6. At the end of a stressful day, I usually 


a. Take it out on my spouse, kids, or pet, or escape with drugs or alcohol
b. Do whatever has to be done (making dinner, washing dishes, etc.)
c. Do something to manage stress like exercise or meditation


7. On my day off, I usually find myself


a. Replaying yesterday, or planning what I have to do tomorrow
b. Aware of yesterday or tomorrow, but mostly enjoying my time off
c. Fully enjoying what is happening around me right now


8. When I think about my life as a whole, I believe it


a. Does not really have a purpose, I get what I can out of it
b. Might have some purpose, but I’m not sure if it does or not
c. Definitely has a higher purpose, I consciously try to live up to it


9. When I encounter a new challenge, I tend to 


a. Get caught up in the details, easily getting frustrated or overwhelmed
b. Figure it out and then move on
c. Figure it out and try to find a lesson in the experience to help me grow


10. In a pleasant setting, like at a picnic in a park, I usually find myself

a. Criticizing—it is too hot, cold, or breezy, the chips are stale
b. Noticing a few slight imperfections, but mostly having a nice time
c. Appreciating most things—the warm sunlight, cool grass, fresh air


11. Generally, if I think about myself, I 


a. See many flaws, I must achieve more, become more attractive, etc.
b. Think I’m alright, about average
c. Genuinely like myself, I feel quite comfortable with who I am


12. My day-to-day life seems 


a. Overcrowded and too busy, or empty and boring
b. O.K., a few adjustments could make it feel more balanced
c. Just right, I have a nice balance of rest and activity


13. In a conflict with someone, my attitude toward them is usually 


a. Accusational (How can he/she be so stupid?) or dismissive (Whatever…)
b. Neutral (Let’s just work this out.)
c. Compassionate (Maybe she doesn’t feel well or is having a bad day.)


14. I feel thankful for the things and people in my life


a. Rarely, I don’t have all I deserve or most people have it better than I do
b. Occasionally, when I stop to think about it or something reminds me to
c. Often, I regularly feel grateful for even little things in my life


15. If I suddenly lost all my possessions, I would feel 


a. Devastated, it would be very hard to face the future
b. Sad and disoriented, but I would eventually forge ahead
c. Thankful to still have my life & loved ones, I’d soon start a new chapter




If you answered mostly “a” 


It seems that perhaps you have never really thought of yourself and your life in terms of peacefulness. That is understandable. Taking this quiz is a good first step. Being aware that there are seeds of peace within you, now you can start consciously watering them.

If you answered mostly “b”


It seems you would like to be peaceful within yourself and with others and are taking some steps in that direction. You are well on your way! The seeds of peace within you have taken root and are sprouting. Now you can continue watering and helping them grow.

If you answered mostly “c” 


It seems you are genuinely striving to cultivate peace within yourself and with others. Keep up the good work! The seeds of peace within you are thriving, or close to it. Now you can keep nurturing them to help them grow even stronger and to blossom.

Wherever your current level of peacefulness might be, there are always more insights to discover and more ways to enjoy even greater harmony and fulfillment.

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So how did you do? Again, it's not another thing to use to beat yourself up. It's just pointing out where you have to focus your energies on to improve in this area.

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