How to Become more Confident

The more Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Depression, and Anger you RELEASE the

more Happy, Confident, Peaceful and Successful you will become.

So, how did you do on the Self-Confidence test?

Did it help to show you what areas you need to work on to become more confident?

No matter how you faired on the self-assessment, I'll bet that those areas that you scored less than you would have wanted had to do with your insecurities that you picked up along the way.

As I mentioned on my "How to Get Happier" webpage, some examples of the emotional insecurities I'm referring to are thoughts and feelings of fear, self-doubt, pessimism and self-sabotage. Thoughts and beliefs like "I'm not good enough", "I'm not smart enough", "I'm not deserving", I'm not worthy", etc. These thoughts and beliefs come from experiences you had in your past. If you have any of these negative thoughts or beliefs, naturally you will not be as Confident as you could be.

So, what are your insecurities interferring with you becoming more confident, and while you're thinking about it, any idea where these insecurities came from? 

Where do these insecurities come from?

Believe it or not, your insecurities are not who you really are? They are what you have picked up from others during your earlier life mostly. These thoughts and beliefs come from experiences you had in your past. And, now those insecurities are in the way of you being more confident.

You can RELEASE your self-limiting thoughts and beliefs by RELEASING the traumatic memories and emotional "extra-charge" relating to these insecurities. See "My Story" on the "How to Get Happier" webpage, an account of my own false, self- limiting belief of being stupid.  This negative belief haunted me for decades even though the opposite was the truth. I also explain how I was able to RELEASE this insecurity and graduate from Columbia University Graduate School.

So, to be more Confident with who you are,

you have to RELEASE

the self-limiting negative thoughts and beliefs

that are making you lack the Confidence you would like.


with Brainspotting and the other more progressive,

much more effective therapeutic methods

that I have been using on myself and my clients for years,

the Quickest, Easiest and most Effective being Brainspotting!

The more Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Worry, Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame you RELEASE

the more Relaxed, Happy, Confident, Peaceful and Successful you will become.






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