Complementary/Holistic/Alternative Therapies

(combined with Talk Therapy)

As an adjunct to Traditional Talk Therapy, I also offer other, more Complementary/Holistic/Alternative Therapies, with Brainspottting being by far the Quickest, Easiest and Most Effective to Help You RELEASE your Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression, Anger, Guilt, Shame, and , even, Physical Pain, etc.

Individual Therapy is described by some others as a process that is generally lengthy, often lasting for many years, and tends to be expensive (because of the length of time invested). And, "CBT enables you to manage your fears by helping you gradually change the way you think."


Working with me and the Alternative therapeutic methods I use such as Brainspotting, therapy will not last for years and you will not have to "manage" your fears, or your anxiety, or your depression, or your anger any more. You will learn to RELEASE them ONCE AND FOR ALL, and for most people, without medication!!!  

Therapy Sessions via Skype and over the telephone are available for those who don't live close to my office, or are having a hard time getting out of there living spaces due to fear, anxiety, depression, etc. The Alternative Therapies I use are available and just as effective while using these forms of communcation.

Couples Therapy is also available for those interested in working on their individual issues that are causing problems in the relationship, especially in the area of communication, which turns out to be the biggest issue in problematic relationships. This miscommunication is a result of our screwed points of view that result from those things we have learned in childhood. Brainspotting and Imago Couples Therapy will be used to help clients RELEASE their dysfunctional communication styles to allow for a more fulfilled relationship. 






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