Brainspotting Success Stories


Younger woman from Peekskill with Panic Attacks as a result of a medical procedure.


Lynn - constant panic attacks and fear - pretty much bedridden for 6 months wi no real relief


Older woman with history of being physically, mentally and emotionally abused - severe pains in back with no medical reasons



Another younger woman who had such severe back pain, she was limited to her couch with little ability to pick up her infant child for the first two years of the child's life.



Rather famous drummer who didn't trust himself to play with the bigger performers until he did the Brainspotting and then was able to play the way he always wanted to play - always intellectually knew he could but emotionally he was blocked until he did the Brainspotting



Same with an artist who found his way to be the painter he always wanted to be by doing the Brainspotting and removing the doubts he had about his abilities.



A very anxious older man with high blood pressure and COPD worrying about dying. Over time he was able to address his issues and his blood pressure improved and his COPD symptoms became more tolerable.



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