Ways to Relax Your Mind

Listed below are a number of activities that can help to Relax Your Mind

  • Exercise (running, biking, etc. - 30-40 minutes)


  • Taking a walk (30-40 minutes)


  • Taking a walk in nature (30-40 minutes)


  • Sauna/hot bath/hot tub


  • Getting good sleep


  • Crying as a release


  • Laughter/humor


  • Relaxing Music – What kind?


  • Focusing on things you’re grateful for


  • Deep breathing


  • Relaxing sounds CDs (ocean waves, humpback whales, nature sounds, etc.)


  • Expressing yourself assertively/getting it off your chest right away


  • Writing: journaling (or writing lyrics) – ways to express your feelings through writing


  • Yoga


  • Hypnosis CDs (self hypnosis)


  • Prayer


  • Guided Imagery/Guided Visualization


  • Meditation (favorite quiet place, safe place, etc.)


  • Chanting


  • Bilateral Stimulation Tapping exercise - (the Butterfly Hug)


  • “Wounded Child” exercise


  • Other? 

  • How do you Relax Your Mind?

Do You Want More Relaxation in Your Life?

The more Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Worry, Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame you RELEASE

the more Relaxed, Happy, Confident, Peaceful and Successful you will become.

The Alternative Therapies I use will RELEASE your

Anxiety, Stress, Fear, Worry, Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame which will

help you feel more Relaxed, Happy, Confident, Peaceful and Successful in your life.






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