What is Brainspotting?

Simply put, Brainspotting is a brain-based therapeutic method that actually works with the deep brain and the body through its direct access to the  autonomic and limbic  systems and the body's  central nervous system which are out of the reach of the conscious mind and traditional talk therapy
Dr. David Grand
Discoverer of Brainspotting
It pinpoints the spot in the client's brain and/or neurological system that holds onto the distress and/or trauma that  we have experienced in our lives. This distress or trauma somehow gets  "stuck"  in  this position and interferes with our perceptions of life, forming our negative thoughts and beliefs which, in turn, cause our negative feelings and negative or dysfunctional  behaviors. 
Brainspotting not only pinpoints where this traumatic material in being held in our systems, it also "unfreezes" and RELEASES this traumatic material so it no longer interferes with or blocks our healthy perceptions of life. 

The more negative, traumatic, stressful material we release the happier, more peaceful. 

more confident, more successful we become, in all areas of our lives. 


The physical and emotional symptoms caused by the trauma, distress and stress in our lives are our anxiety, worry, depression, fear, phobias, anger/rage, sadness, guilt, shame and even physical pain, etc. 


Brainspotting effectively releases these symptoms and conditions ONCE AND FOR ALL. These symptoms can also create life coping styles such as People-Pleasing, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Overeating, Drug/Alcohol abuse, etc., that can also be extinguished rather quickly and easily.

The tree below represents how the amount of trauma or stress/distress we experience in our earlier lives greatly influences and creates the “roots” of our emotional and behavioral foundation for the rest of our lives. From our distressful/traumatic experiences come our negative thoughts, beliefs and perceptions about ourselves.














These negative thoughts and beliefs branch out and create our negative feelings resulting in our Anxiety, Worry, Stress, Fear, Depression, Anger/Rage, Guilt, Shame, even Physical Pain, etc. The Leaves of the tree represent our dysfunctional behaviors, (i.e., overeating, drug/alcohol abuse, working or shopping too much, being a Perfectionist, a People Pleaser, a Procrastinator, to mention only a few) which are avoidant behaviors that attempt to cover up or avoid our negative feelings.


Why use Brainspotting?

Traditional therapies today can only help you “manage” anxiety, worry, stress, depression, fears, pain, anger, etc., giving you temporary relief at best w/medication or other methods, relieving the symptoms somewhat, but never actually FREEING  yourself from the problem.

Why is Brainspotting Better?

Brainspotting works with the deep brain and the body through its direct access to the autonomic and limbic systems and the body's central nervous system which are out of the reach of the conscious mind and traditional talk therapy. It RELEASES the original trauma which then also RELEASES the negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that resulted from that trauma. Talk Therapy can not do this.

And, thus, Brainspotting has the potential to

effectively RELEASE all of these conditions


Some Conditions Brainspotting Can Help You Let Go of ONCE AND FOR ALL are:


- Anxiety and Anxiety/Panic Attacks


- Worrying and letting go of Stress


- Anger and Rage problems


- Depression issues


- Fears and Phobias


- Sadness, Guilt, and Shame issues


- Negative feelings resulting from physical,        

  sexual or emotional abuse/trauma


- Reduce and eliminate body pain and tension

  associated with physical conditions.


- Performance issues, at work, home or socially


- Reduction of the impact of Grief due to loss


- Overeating (especially emotional eating issues)


- Drug/Alcohol Abuse/Addictions (especially urges and cravings)


- Recovery from injury and accident trauma


- Stress and trauma related to medical illness


- Trauma resulting from medical interventions


- Trauma resulting from war & natural disasters


- And much, much more (Unlimited Possibilities)

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