What is Brainspotting for?

Brainspotting pinpoints and RELEASES the Negative Thoughts, Beliefs, and Feelings that are

Causing your Anxiety, Stress, Worry, Fear, Depression, Anger and, even, Physical Pain, so 

You Can Be Happier, More Confident, and Have More Peace, Joy and Freedom in Your Life!

One of the best ways that I can explain what Brainspotting does and what it's used for is by telling you the story of how Brainspotting was discovered. 

So, Brainspotting was discovered in 2003 by David Grande, Ph.D. when he was working with an adolescent female Olympic hopeful ice skater who was having problems on her Olympic quest because, for whatever reason, she could not complete a triple loop, a requirement for her to be able to perform in her compulsory programs to be considered for the Olympic team.

Dr. Grand (also an expert at E.M.D.R., a method based on working with eye movements) was working with this teenage ice skater with very slow eye movements. He noticed that as you came to a certain eye position, the teenagers' eye began wobbling. Being naturally curious, Dr. Grand stayed at this position to see what would happen, if anything. 

As a result, it turned out that this client processed her trauma in a way that Dr. Grand described as, "the most deep, powerful processing that I had ever seen anyone do before". This is particularly impressive when you think that Dr. Grand was an expert at E.M.D.R. and using that method for years. The ice skater called from the ice skating rink the next morning and reported that she had not only completed the triple loop but she had performed this jump successfully a number of times.

Another example of a very different nature to describe what Brainspotting does

Then there's the story of the middle-age worman who was virtually bed-ridden for six months due to her constant fear and continual  panic attacks caused by an accumulation of  traumatic events that  happened  throughout her life but especially in her recent past. She was not able to leave her bed without having to experience some kind of fear  or  panic. Even while in her bed she would have extreme negative thoughts that would lead to fear and panic over and over again. Needless to say, she got very little sleep  and was on edge all the time. She had family  members cooking for her and helping her with her daily hygiene needs.  

After six or seven Brainspotting sessions, she said she was able to sleep sleep better, was able to go  downstairs for hours at time, went to a number of doctor appointments, escorted by family members, and, the last time I talked to her on the phone she was enjoying sitting on her back porch, something she  had not been able to do in over six months. Sessions will continue with this person until she returns to a sense of normalcy for her, which, I am predicting will not take very long believe it or not.

That's how incredible the Brainspotting method is!

For more examples of what Brainspotting does and how appreciative past clients are please got see the testimonials I've gotten over the years of the results that Brainspotting (and other Alternative methods) has created in people's lives to help people Relax, Feel Happier, Be more Confident and Have more Peace, Joy and Freedom!

So, as you can see, Brainspotting is a therapeutic method that RELEASES those mental and emotional blockages that interfer with us fulfilling our potentials whether it be an ice skater trying out for the Olympics or someone who's bedridden because of fear wanting to remove the blocks to their Happiness, Confidence or having more Peace, Joy and Freedom in their lives.

It is the goal of all Psychotherapies to do this but it comes down to a matter of which therapies are more efficient at it. Also to consider is what methods are the easiest, safest, most effective and quickest in terms of how long does it have to take to get a particular issue resolved.

Brainspotting Will Help You

RELEASE All of the 

following Conditions

Quickly, Easily, Safely and

Much More Effectively 

than Traditional Talk Therapy 


- Anxiety  


- Anxiety/Panic Attacks


- Worrying

- Stress


- Anger and Rage problems


- Depression issues


- Fears (i.e., the fear of public speaking, flying, heights, the fear of failure, etc.)


- Phobias (i.e., agoraphobia, social phobia, the fear of injections,  spiders, etc.)


- Sadness, Guilt, and Shame issues


- Negative feelings resulting from physical, sexual or emotional abuse/trauma


- Reduce and eliminate body pain and tension associated with physical conditions.


- Performance issues, at work, home or socially


- Reduction of the impact of Grief due to loss


- Overeating (especially urges and cravings and emotional eating issues)


- Addictions (especially urges and cravings)


- Recovery from injury and accident trauma

- Stress and trauma related to medical illness


- Trauma resulting from medical interventions


- Trauma resulting from war & natural disasters


- And much, much more






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