Why Talk Therapy and other Traditional Methods of Therapy

Can't and Don't Work as Effectively as Brainspotting

Traditional (talk) therapy puts the emphasis on "managing", "coping with", "controlling" or "dealing with" the symptoms of stress, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, etc., rather than getting to the "root" of the problems and RELEASING both the symptoms and the "root" problems ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Some Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy techniques can and have actually re-traumatized clients around their more extreme anxiety and fear issues and make it even harder for those clients to get better because they come to distrust therapy and therapists in general. A lot of my clients have had bad experiences with therapists “forcing” them to deal with their overwhelming feelings, not realizing that the client’s “resistance” has to do with their not feeling safe in that situation.

Even medication, the most effective method of the traditional therapies, is only a temporary relief from the symptoms of these issues and, actually, “masks” the true problems causing the symptoms. Therefore, the best the traditional therapies are going to be able to do for you is to have you live with, manage, cope or try to control your symptoms and problems for the rest of your life. Is this the life you want?

So, Why is Talk Therapy unable to Work with Trauma Effectively?


Trauma is stored in the subcortical region of the deep brain, sometimes referred to as the reptilian brain, which is out of the reach of the conscious mind and traditional talk therapy. Our traumatic memories become "locked" in this deeper area of the brain and becomes the basis of our dysfunctional perception of the world, causing us to feel unsafe, untrusting, unloved, etc.

These traumatic memories are not only "locked" in the deeper part of the brain, they also "protected" by the fight or flight response in that even when we try to talk about the trauma, the fight or flight response gets activated, causing the person's anxiety, fear to reach such high levels that it makes it impossible to resolve and release the trauma. So, to avoid the anxiety, fear or other pain caused by the original trauma we tend to engage in avoidant behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse, overeating, over working or too much shopping, gambling, promiscuity, (to mention a few of our avoidant behaviors).

The Fight or Flight Response

The fight or flight response, now called the Fight, Flight or Freeze Response, is a stress reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful event, attack, or threat to survival. It's actually there to protect us, especially back in the day of the Saber Tooth tigers. It helped us to either stand there and fight the tiger or run like a son of a gun. This bodily response enabled our systems to put all of its energy, attention and internal resources towards fighting or running or freezing to survive.

The Fight Response

Nowadays, depending on our trauma history, and resultant perceptual level of feeling unsafe in a dangerous world, this fight, flight or freeze response can be activated on a regular basis and cause damage to our bodies and psyches. A lot of us are on hyper-alert most of the time, feeling threatened by the people and situations in the world around us.

The Flight Response

Until we let go of our original traumatic or distressful experiences we will continue to live out the negative thoughts and feelings that were created by our original traumas (Big "T" or Little "t" traumas) and respond to life more negatively.

The Freeze Response

This fight or flight stress response is a major reason why talk therapy does not work with those clients who have high anxiety, fear or stress issues. Clients have a very high resistance to talking about their issues connected to these conditions because as soon as they even think about them they are looking for ways to "run away" from them and would rather not deal with them because of their perceived fear and discomfort. 

The more progressive therapies I have found over recent years are also Quicker, Easier, Safer, and much more Effective than current, established therapeutic methods, with Brainspotting being in the forefront due to it's simplicity, effectiveness and depth to which it works to RELEASE traumatic material from the deeper brain. 


Brainspotting not only RELEASES the symptoms of stress, worry, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, guilt, shame, etc., but it also RELEASES the “root” cause of the problem, thus letting go of the problem, the negative feelings and the dysfunctional behaviors ONCE AND FOR ALL!

A method called Resource Brainspotting activates the parasympathetic nervous system (also called the "rest and digest system") which takes us out of the "fight, flight or freeze" stress response and gets us back into our calm state. This method is very effective in reducing and minimizing any discomfort that may arise when a client is working on their issues.








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